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This Journey Online  (TJo) magazine provides current news, report analysis, writings of encouragement and personal stories from women and teens who have been involved in volatile relationships.  Women and teens are asked to share their personal journeys so others will realize they are not alone. The magazine covers news stories and books that relate to local, national, and international information, awareness, and justices. Topics we cover are evangelism, pregnancy, sexual ethics, abuse, marriage, parenting, celibacy, pop culture, health, body image, empowerment, raising girls, and helping women in the church, para-church, and outside of the church. It is a magazine that is free of the dark art, obscenities, nudity, racism, and anything that will bring down the physical, mental, psychological or spiritual aspect of a person. We are looking for writers, photographers, bloggers, poets, and those who are willing to share their story to encourage the reader.


Thank you for your interest in writing for us.


When submitting an article for the magazine please follow these guidelines:

1)    Use a timely hook such as an article, book excerpt, cultural trend, or personal stories.

2)    Use a personal anecdote that connects the timely hook to the writer's experience or story.

3)    Use a theological lens or faith angle where the reader walks away better equipped to meet the challenges they may face.

4)    Cite references from authors and other writers related to your topic.

5)    Tell us about yourself - your background as a writer, including any degrees or credentials you have related to your topic or article.

6)    Articles should be between 800 to 1,000 words.


Our reprint rights grant you to publish your articles in its entirety on our personal website. We ask you to not publish the post in its entirety on a third-party site. Third-party sites are free to excerpt the first paragraphs of your post followed by a link to the original This Journey Online post.


Cynthia R. Bennett, Editor-In-Chief

Sandra Lyle-Richardson, Editor

Rachel D. Powers, Editor





Please submit your ad for a quote at the below email address:


We will attempt to respond to all inquiries. We are often times inundated with deadlines and may not be available. If you have not received a response before the publication is released please assume your submission was not used, but may be used at a later date. Writers will receive notification when their article will be published.