The Founder

Cynthia R. Bennett is a wife, mother, ordained evangelist, founder, CEO, author, and editor in chief.  Her non-profit, JADASA a 501(c) 3 social service community base outreach agency has been assisting abused women and children with resources, support group sessions, and training throughout the Metropolitan St. Louis area since June 2002. She is the editor in chief of her online Magazine (TJO).  She is the author of her first book 'A Healing of Your Memories'.  She has several workshops created for women, teens, and children.  She created JDOTS (JADASA Development Outreach to Students) a Domestic and Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention Curriculum for grades 1 through 12.  Cynthia is also CEO of JSource Training Solutions, LLC which provides preventive domestic and sexual violence training; trauma-informed workshops, and implementation of domestic and sexual abuse prevention policies and procedures for the workplace.  JSource Training Solutions is MBE/WBE certified. Cynthia holds an MBA and MA degrees; as well as certificates in domestic and sexual abuse training. Cynthia is a dynamic speaker who empowers through many platforms, via conferences, community and civic events, shelters, local area colleges, churches, news stations, and radio broadcasts. Cynthia hosts a biweekly empowerment discussion called JADASA LiVE which is streaming on Facebook. 


For more information, you can reach her on the Contact Us page

or email her at; or call 1-800-292-2145.

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