Tell My Story

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JADASA LiVE streaming broadcast share similar policies as the TJo magazine.  We discuss current news, report analysis, words of encouragement, celebrations, awareness, and personal stories from women and teens who have been involved in volatile relationships and those who have not but can offer enlightenment.  Our guests are asked to share their personal journeys so others will realize they are not alone. The streamline broadcast covers a variety of topics that relate to local, national, and international information in the communities, awareness, and justices. Topics we cover are evangelism, pregnancy, sexual ethics, abuse, marriage, parenting, celibacy, pop culture, health, body image, empowerment, education, raising girls, and helping women and teens in the church, para-church, and outside of the church. It is a platform that is free of the dark art, obscenities, nudity, racism, and anything that will bring down the physical, mental, psychological, or spiritual aspect of a person. We are looking for individuals who are willing to share their stories to encourage our viewers.