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Rewriting Your Story


MyNarrative is an eight-week course that combines JDOT and developerHer using group sessions and tech skills development to address childhood trauma related to violence.


This flexible treatment addresses the unique needs of participants by helping them clients fully adopt their personal stories, and explore feelings and trauma to promote emotional resiliency and healthy daily functions.


A group facilitator will lead weekly JDOT narrative sessions and one-on-one sessions and a part-time tech trainer will lead weekly app, development classes. 

Our life is composed of events which become our personal stories or narratives. When a child witnesses or experiences trauma they can cling to a narrative that is defined by negative experiences. Narrative therapy helps them separate themselves from those stories so they can be analyzed and rewritten. 

Girls will be encouraged to listen, communicate with and support one another's journey as they learn strategies for creating stronger self-image, reducing stress and anxiety and accessing or sharing resources. One-on-one sessions will be scheduled with girls to discuss more difficult subjects and individualize resource referrals. 

MyNarrative provides girls who are at risk for or have experienced violence:

  1. How to process personal experiences & trauma

  2. Strategies for creating stronger self-image

  3. Techniques for reducing stress and anxiety

  4. Develop behaviors that increase good decision-making

  5. Learn how to plan, develop, launch and monetize mobile apps

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